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Made in America B2B is a resource for businesses looking to include all or part of the components they use in the production of their products with American manufactured parts. Our mission is to connect businesses with US industry and continue supporting the rebuilding of our manufacturing base. Our consumer goods section features finished products that retail brick and mortar and online stores can add to their product mix.


We have been working since 1998 to promote buying American Made and believe the USA needs to produce goods not just consume products made overseas. If you are a manufacturer, educational institution, retailer or just want to support our mission, we invite you to become a part of Made in America B2B. Together we can keep American manufacturing growing and Americans working.


There are over 500,000 American manufacturing businesses in the US. These businesses supply parts to other companies for completed products such as electrical components, raw textile materials, steel, rubber, and more. Many companies who once considered offshoring as a cost saving measure are realizing the benefits of using American manufacturing rather than offshoring. Below are some great reasons American manufacturing is the better choice.

Creates Jobs for Americans

In 2019 the US manufacturing industry employed a little over 15 million people. Keeping jobs in the US creates strong communities and strong local economies.

Shorter Lead Times

Manufacturing in the US saves time in the production process. Shorter lead times mean that once a part or product is made it does not have as far to travel to get to you and to your customers.

Good for the Environment

Choosing a US manufacturer means that the products produced don't have as far to go to get to you. This is good for the environment and a plus for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Manufacturing in the US means a company has more protection when it comes to patents. Many companies have been unable to stop overseas manufacturers from stealing their designs, creating knockoffs, and selling them to businesses and consumers.

Critical During Times of Crisis

The shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 crisis has proven that relying on other countries to manufacturer medical equipment is unreliable and can cost lives. The US needs to be able to get critical supplies manufactured quickly during national emergencies.

Quality Control

Manufacturers in the US are bound by consumer protection laws and safety standards that are most times nonexistent overseas which can lead to foreign manufacturers who cut corners or use harmful materials in the production process.