Commercial Cookware, Bakeware & Pizza Pans Made in USA by Lloyd Pans

For over 30 years Lloyd Pans has manufactured commercial baking solutions for the pizza, food service and baking industries. All Lloyd Pans are made in the USA at our 104,000 square foot facility in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Commercial Baking Solutions for the Food Services Industry

LloydPans manufactures an extensive line of pans, equipment and tools for the pizza, baking and food service industries.

Our line of Pizza Tools includes our popular Quik-Disk Pizza Disks, Pizza Pans, Deep Dish Pans ad more. Our FoodService line includes Oven Grill Pans, Oven Roasters, Baking Sheet Pans & more. And lastly our Bakeware includes Cake Pans, Cookie Sheets, Bread Pans and more.

Our Pans and Coatings

Lloyd Pans uses an in-house anodizing process that helps streamline our commitment to the quality of products manufactured and ensures the timely delivery of your orders. After the pans are anodized they receive one of three toxin-free coatings: For Pizza – Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote® (PSTK), For Pizza and Baking -Silver-Kote®, For Baking – Dura-Kote®. Unlike “other” hard coat andonized pans all Lloyd Pans are ready to go outside of the box and don’t require any seasoning.

How Our Coatings Stack Up

USA Made Commerical Kitchen Pizza Pans, Cookware and Bakeware by Lloyd Pans

Custom Orders

LloydPans also offers custom orders with PTFE Non-Stick and Silicone Glaze coatings for industry standard applications that do not require a permanent coating. Powder Coating is offered for applications that require durability and color, and are for display and service, not for baking.

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